Manufacturing and Assembly

Kitting and Replenishment Seamlessly Integrated

SEQOS combines its multi-level kitting functionality with its sophisticated location replenishment to provide efficient and lean manufacturing and assembly.  Product supersession is also supported. 

Continuous Assembly with the correct products

The replenishment configuration ensures that there is a minimum number of products at each stage to continue the assembly line without stopping, and a maximum number of products to ensure an assembly area is not swamped with products. 

Tracking at every level of kitting

Productivity measuring, batches, lots, and other stock attributes are tracked through every step of the manufacturing process.  Serial numbers are tracked at every level by scanning the serial barcode. 

Production costs

Using the SEQOS Billing Module, costs can be applied to each step in the process, and charges for assembling the items are automatically calculated to produce an invoice to the customer. 

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