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Our WMS integrations make updating inventory and data records faster and easier, streamlining your warehouse processes.

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WMS Integrations
WMS Integrations seqos

Exchanging timely, accurate, detailed information between supplier, warehouse, client, retail outlet, and transport companies is essential for businesses to remain competitive, and to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency. Success depends on the flow of complete and accurate information.

SEQOS WMS Integrations portfolio includes hundreds of different eBusiness, transport, and robotics systems operating in real-time or batch.

Connect hundreds of enterprise systems, eCommerce platforms, freight systems, and accounting software to SEQOS, and automatically transfer data seamlessly.

Connect to bespoke systems easily using SEQOS data mapping configuration.


Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration is a process that links different software applications together to create an efficient operation in the warehouse. This allows data to flow between multiple systems, resulting in fewer errors and improved accuracy in order processing.

Integrating a WMS with another software providers, manual tasks are drastically reduced, and streamlined processes are easier to maintain. Utilizing this technology increases output and customer satisfaction and decreases costs associated with inventory management and other related duties. WMS integration can maximize efficiency and ensure smoother operations within any warehouse environment.

WMS integration can present a unique challenge for businesses, requiring accurate coordination between multiple systems and databases. Poor inventory tracking, inaccurate data entry and duplicate product information can all be issues that arise due to WMS integration problems.

The best way to avoid those common WMS integration difficulties is to ensure your business has the correct hardware and software, with up-to-date security protocols and documentation management techniques. Additionally, implementing and automated process for entering data into WMS applications can guarantee accuracy and reliability.

Our software solves those challenges, allowing businesses greater insight into their performance.

SEQOS Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can help integrate your whosale business with big-box retailers and streamline order fulfilment. Its features make it easier for you to optimize your supply chain for smoother running operations, such as inventory control, automating repeat orders, identifying areas for improved efficiency, and ensuring customers receive their goods on time.

Through our WMS software integration, you can dramatically reduce time-costs associated with processing orders and improve customer service. With SEQOS Warehouse Management Software, advancing the goals of your whosale business has never been easier.

Integrating SEQOS with other software can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved data accuracy and visibility: Streamline your warehousing operations and unlock the power of data by linking SEQOS WMS with other solutions. This powerful combination will provide you with comprehensive visibility, allowing you connect more data and information that can help you to make better and improve performance at every level!
  • Enhanced customer service with your clients: Leveraging SEQOS WMS with your CRM or e-commerce systems can greatly enhance the customer experience. This will give customers peace of mind, as they’ll able to stay up-to-date on order and delivery statuses in real time!
  • Better inventory management: Track and anticipate demand, optimize storage and handling, and manage stock levels effortlessly – helping you get prepared for whatever comes next!

Here are some best practices for integrating a our WMS into your operations:

  • A well-thought out WMS integration is integral to achieving success. An effective strategy starts by carefully examining existing processes, pinpointing areas of improvement and devising a plan to address any potential blockages in the future.
  • Our WMS is designed to always stay up-to date with the technologies that power it. To ensure peak performance and efficiency, our team will monitor its use in real-time to make sure you’re taking advantage of all available capabilities-from fine tuning settings for optimal results or introducing processes specifically tailored for you unique operations flow.
  • Before we take the first step to integrating our Warehouse Management System with another provider, it’s important for us to better understand what you want to improve in your warehouse operations. By outlining any challenges or opportunities that need addressing, together we can develop a system which not only meets your needs but also enables you to realize success in both short and long-term goals!


1. Reduce staff costs. No need to assign staff to manually enter carrier bookings.

2. Reduce delivery costs. Automatically determine and choose the delivery method with the lowest cost when multiple carries with different rates are available.

3. Increase accuracy.

  • Removing manual entry by exchanging data directly between systems eliminates errors.
  • By automatically sending the booking details at retrieving the delivery labels at order completion, staff can apply the correct labels to the correct packages.

4. Improve customer service with correct shipping details.

Typical data flow between systems.

  • SKUs maintained in ERP and updates the WMS.
  • Purchase orders / ASNs maintained in the ERP and updates the WMS.
  • Inventory received into the WMS and updates the ERP.
  • Customer sales orders maintained in the ERP and updates the WMS.
  • Orders picked and despatched in the WMS and updates the ERP.
  • Returns advice created in the ERP and updates the WMS.
  • Inventory returned to the warehouse in the WMS and updates the ERP.
  • Stock adjustments in the WMS and updates the ERP.

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