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SEQOS WMS Implementation

Warehouse management can be a time-consuming and complex task which is why Warehouse Management Software (WMS) exists! When properly implementing SEQOS Warehouse Management Software, companies realize immediate benefits that enhance their operations. Our innovative WMS features intuitive inventory tracking, streamlined order receipt/fulfillment processes, and improved labor resource utilization. Here are the main features and benefits of our implementation.

Rapid Implementation

The comprehensive SEQOS Implementation Project Plan ensures a fast, smooth, trouble-free system installation, covering every aspect of the WMS implementation.

Pre-configured for Various Industries

SEQOS is installed with useful templates reducing the time to configure the system in all detail before commencing operation.

System Startup

Using the simple step-by-step process on the mobile hand-held devices, staff are productive and accurate within the first couple of hours of operation.  All of the basic decision-making required to run the system is made by the system. The staff “learning process” has been reduced to a bare minimum of knowledge. 

Software Versions and Releases

SEQOS system upgrades are easily installed, since all versions are backward-compatible.  The modular system design means functionality can be easily extended without affecting the integrity of the rest of the system. 


Implementing a WMS is essential for managing challenges, coordinating and optimizing processes, and improving warehouse efficiency and productivity.  Implementing and deploying a WMS involves detailed analysis, careful planning, and commitment by the client and WMS vendor. 

Implementing the SEQOS WMS typically involves the following steps: 
1- Planning and preparation: Determining the warehouse and the business‘s distinct needs and requirements is a crucial first step to success. This can include establishing product and location codes, refining workflows and processes, and sharing data with other systems. 
2- Data migration: Migrating and cleaning data, including inventory and customer information, simplifies transitioning staff from manual or legacy systems to SEQOS, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. 
3- Testing: To ensure the best experience, our WMS solutions undergo rigorous testing to verify all processes meet the necessary criteria. 
4- Training: Training is provided on how to use the WMS and related equipment.  SEQOS is so easy to use that staff is productive very quickly.  
5- Go-live: We pride ourselves on providing quick support for any issues to ensure the warehouse continues running smoothly.  We want you to enjoy your experience with our software. 

Implementing SEQOS software in your warehouse can bring many benefits, including: 
1. Increased efficiency: Operational processes, such as receiving, put-away, replenishment, kitting, picking, packing, despatch, and tracking them along the way, are simplified and optimized, accelerating workflow and enhancing productivity. 

2. Improved accuracy: SEQOS WMS can help strengthen your operations, resulting in higher accuracy and customer satisfaction. Scanning barcodes with every process from receiving to despatch ensure the correct items are processed at the correct storage locations and provide real-time tracking of inventory and orders. Our WMS technology safeguards against errors that could be costly for business owners or burdensome to customers. 
3. Enhanced visibility: Our WMS provides exceptional visibility into warehouse operations, allowing managers and staff to keep tabs on inventory levels, order status updates, and shipping or receiving activities. By understanding precisely what is occurring in the facility, they are better equipped to make informed decisions. The comprehensive audit trail is invaluable for tracing every transaction and is a mandatory requirement for many industries including healthcare. 

4. Greater flexibility: SEQOS WMS allows warehouses to be ready for whatever the market throws their way. Easily configurable features allow a warehouse to quickly adapt to new products or growing demand with ease – ensuring they’re always one step ahead of future trends. 

5. Reduced costs: SEQOS WMS can overhaul warehouse operations, saving time and money. With increased efficiency and streamlined processes, your business will be far better equipped to react to changes in demand – no more overstocking or unnecessary storage costs! 

Here are some of our best practices for implementing our software in a warehouse: 
1. Good planning is essential. Document your requirements and set achievable dates for each milestone in the implementation project. Choose a suitable date for go-live that has minimal impact on the business. 

2. Testing. Prepare a list of all business scenarios and the expected results. Parallel run with the current manual or legacy system using real data, including integration with other systems. 

3. Training and user acceptance. The team must accept and enjoy using the system so that they operate it correctly. Post-training support for problem-solving when needed. 

4. Feedback. With the WMS in full swing, helpful feedback allows us to ensure you get the most out of the system’s capabilities. By tracking KPIs and utilizing data analytics, warehouse operations can be streamlined for maximum efficiency.

5. Keeping stakeholders in the loop about any updates or changes that arise can make a real difference when it comes to successfully implementing new systems and technologies – facilitating collaboration between all involved parties for optimal results!

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