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Validated for clinical trials, SEQOS can be tailored for your specific needs, while ensuring integrity and complying with regulatory requirements.

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The comprehensive audit trail records every transaction in detail from receiving to QC to storage to despatch. Recalled items are easily located.

Tailored solution

Serial & Batch

Clinical trial studies require specific serial numbers or batches to be shipped to customers. SEQOS ensures this mandatory requirement without error.

Expiration Date Management

Expiration Date

SEQOS alerts when items are approaching their expiry date, and prevents shipping expired items while ensuring oldest items are shipped first.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Ensure items are stored for their specific conditions for temperature, humidity, and light exposure. SEQOS prevents storing items in inappropriate storage areas.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Checklists can be configured to guarantee items pass inspection before being packed and shipped to your customers.

Success Stories

Pharmaceutical depot and distributor


Explore how Cryosite’s revenue surged from $5.9M to $12M in only two years with SEQOS’s WMS implementation. This case study illuminates the pivotal role our software played in fueling Cryosite’s rapid growth.

Good Automated

Manufacturing Practice (GAMP 5 ®)

GAMP 5 ® details a recognised standard for Computer System Validation (CSV). SEQOS WMS was validated for the clinical trials distribution in 2021.

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We understand that warehouses in the pharmaceutical and health industry must comply with strict regulations and quality standards for products. SEQOS enforces mandates for processing and storing different items by preventing transactions that would violate those guidelines or affect data accuracy.

All transactions are fully recorded by our WMS with staff ID, timestamp, storage location, item serial numbers and batches where applicable, which is crucial for pharmaceuticals.  Our audit trail provides complete history of every serialised item.  Recalled items are easily located.

Our WMS ensures medications and vaccines with specific temperature requirements are stored appropriately, processed promptly and accurately, and shipped in suitable packaging, so preserving their integrity.

Checklists can be configured which must be completed on-screen before items can pass inspection and later shipped.  The staff and timestamp are recorded for each checklist action.  Any anomalies will be photographed by the SEQOS app and automatically attached to stock records.

Yes, we offer configurable storage rules for items and storage locations such as dangerous goods, freezers, fridges, secured areas.  Location dimensions and weight limitations are also checked for suitability for storing items.

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