Warehouse productivity

With SEQOS warehouse productivity can be improved by monitoring the warehouse’s activities, identifying congestion and delays for any warehouse task, and making informed decisions about workload.

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warehouse productivity

SEQOS Warehouse Productivity solution

Efficient Picking

Choose from multiple picking methods according to order profiles including Warehouse wave picking, Batch pick, Bulk pick, Single-item-multi-order pick, Pick-by-label, Voice-directed put-away and picking, Pick-to-light, and Carousels.

Interleaved Tasks

Using the SEQOS Automated Task Queue on mobile hand-held devices, SEQOS significantly reduces unproductive travelling time by interleaving dissimilar tasks based on location proximity, task priority, operator, forklift equipment and operator task permission. 

Ease Of Use

Consistent user interface and consistent use of keyboard function keys throughout all SEQOS functions enables operators to learn the system quickly and to use it efficiently. 

Monitor Productivity

The SEQOS graphical monitor (or dashboard) provides a useful tool for management to immediately identify congestion and delays for any warehouse task, and to make informed decisions for moving staff to smooth the workflow. 


Warehouse productivity refers to the efficiency of the operations within a warehouse, including the receiving, storing, handling, packing and shipping of goods. It measures how effectively a warehouse uses resources, such as labour, space, equipment, and technology, to meet its operational goals and customer demand.

The SEQOS warehouse management software helps maintain process traceability and task efficiency by measuring productivity as follows:

1. Units shipped per hour: Track the number of units shipped per hour from the warehouse. This metric analyses how efficiently the warehouse is shipping out orders.

2. Order accuracy: Measure the accuracy of orders shipped out of the warehouse. This metric is vital to ensure customers are receiving the correct orders.

3. Time to process orders: This metric can determine how quickly the warehouse can fulfil orders and automatically calculate required labour for future orders.

4. Inventory accuracy: Measure the accuracy of the inventory stored in the warehouse. This metric is essential to ensure the right products are stocked and shipped.

5. Labor costs: Track the amount of money spent on labour in the warehouse. This metric determines how efficient the warehouse is in terms of labour costs.

The SEQOS WMS is important because it directly impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of the business. Warehouse productivity affects the cost of goods sold, inventory levels, customer service, and overall profitability. It also affects how quickly the organization delivers the goods to customers and how much inventory remains on hand. Increased warehouse productivity helps businesses save money, increase customer satisfaction, and stay competitive.

SEQOS WMS can help to manage the productivity in several ways:

1. Monitor the real-time workflow: Use SEQOS to monitor the warehouse workflow. The monitoring will help identify improvement areas, such as bottlenecks, and make the necessary adjustments.

2. Utilise labour and equipment optimisation: Use the SEQOS WMS to optimise labour and equipment utilisation. The software will improve productivity and efficiency by ensuring that employees and equipment are most effective.

3. Set priorities: The SEQOS software helps to set and prioritise tasks and activities. Prioritising will help ensure the completion of tasks in the most efficient manner, increasing productivity.

4. Track performance: The SEQOS WMS tracks performance metrics such as order fulfilment speed, pick accuracy, and cycle time. This will help to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments.

5. Automate processes: Utilise SEQOS to automate manual processes, such as order picking and packing. This will reduce the time spent on manual tasks and increase overall productivity.

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