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Our Industry Expertise

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

We specialise in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical warehouses that need to meet the highest standards and regulations


3PL for improved efficiency

Apparel & Fashion

We adapt to the short product life cycles of Apparel & Fashion

Food & Perishable Products

We track expiration dates of Food & Perishable Products

Chemical & Hazardous Goods

Segregate, label, and record incidents for Chemical & Hazardous Goods

Consumer Goods

Stay on top of inventory levels and order fulfillment for Consumer Goods

Manufacturing and Assembly

Resource planning and component tracking for Manufacturing and Assembly


Simplify. Streamline. Succeed.

SEQOS is a specialised warehousing management system that simplifies the complexity of managing a warehouse. 

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Detailed Audit Trail and record keeping

Essential for healthcare and other industries with strict regulatory requirements.

SEQOS Manage inventory

Advanced Inventory Management

Accurately track and validate serial numbers, expiry dates
and batches throughout every transaction.

SEQOS Tailored solution

Optimised Pick & Pack

Streamline order fulfilment with numerous configurable operating methods that perfectly suit your warehouse.

SEQOS Support line

Rapid Implementation

Get direct access to our support team to implement new features and reduce downtime.

SEQOS Simplify tasks

Workforce Planning

Optimise your labour force by forecasting work and automatically directing tasks to staff.

SEQOS Bill your clients

Smart Billing

Automate your billing process so you never have to chase after clients.

Good Automated

Manufacturing Practice (GAMP 5 ®)

GAMP 5 ® details a recognised standard for Computer System Validation (CSV). SEQOS WMS was validated for the clinical trials distribution in 2021.


Years of experience





We Integrate With 350+ Providers

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Advanced Features

Main Features Industry SEQOS


Stocktake replenishment seqos

Rule-based Put Away

Ensure products such as dangerous goods and frozen items are put-away into the correct locations.


Pick, pack and dispatch seqos

Picking Methods

Discrete picking, Wave picking, Batch picking, Zone picking, Voice picking, Single-item-multi-order, Pick-to-light, Robotic picking are all configurable in SEQOS.


Serial number tracking seqos

Serial Number Tracking

Eliminate errors caused by duplicate serials or manual processes, and increase end-to-end visibility and accuracy in your operations.


Putaways and customer returns seqos

Stocktake & Cycle-counting

Eliminate costly physical counts with auditor-approved stocktake and cycle-counting.

Main Features Industry SEQOS


Storage Location seqos

Optimise Location Usage

Assess, organise and maximise your space utilisation.


Manage your yard seqos

Product Slotting

Automatically sort all your products to best suited locations for efficient picking and replenishment.


Optimise storage area seqos

Yard Management

Manage your containers, trailers, bulk stack effectively.

Main Features Industry SEQOS


Monitor productivity seqos

Monitor productivity

Real time workload monitoring to maximise staff utilisation.


Automate Tasks seqos

Automate Tasks

Eliminate staff supervision. Tasks are automatically assigned via mobile devices.


Labour Planning seqos

Labour Planning

Forecast the workload based on data and plan the roster. Delegate tasks and schedule ahead (instead of the week).

Main Features Industry SEQOS


Plan Your Route SEQOS

Plan Your Route

Faster deliveries with optimal route planning.


Smart Vehicle Allocation SEQOS

Smart Vehicle Allocation

SEQOS identifies most appropriate vehicle for deliveries based on destination rules.


Proof of Delivery SEQOS

Proof of Delivery

Live updates and notifications for all parties.


Serial number tracking seqos

Serialised Tracking

Retrieve all your high value shipping conveyances to eliminate losses.

Main Features Industry SEQOS


Report Templates seqos

Report Builder

Flexibility to choose from standard report templates or design your own to make well-informed strategic decisions.


Chose your KPIs seqos

KPI Reports and Charts

Easily understand your warehouse efficiencies to implement improvements.


Data integration seqos

Data Exchange

1. Export data to spreadsheets and analytics software.
2. Automatically validate imported data.

How are we better?

  • 100% focused on warehouse management

Our software is specifically designed and built for warehouse management. SEQOS WMS is customisable and easy to use.

  • Over 30 years of experience

We are one of the first warehouse management software in Australia. Our track record with WMS systems ensures top-tier performance and streamlined processes.

  • 3PL capabilities

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) optimies your supply chain, reduces costs, expands your global reach, scales with ease, and elevates customer satisfaction.

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