Warehouse Automation Software

Warehouse automation software removes manual processes, eliminating errors, and reducing or eliminating a supervisor to direct staff.

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Warehouse Automation Software​

Warehouse automation software removes manual processes, eliminating errors, and reducing or eliminating a supervisor to direct staff.

Automated Task Queue

The SEQOS Automated Task Queue directs available mobile hand-held device operators to the next warehouse task, such as put-away, replenishment, picking, cycle-counting. Operating costs are significantly lowered as supervisors are rarely needed. Each task is validated and checked at every step by the system.

Standard Procedures

After staff log in to SEQOS at the commencement of a shift, all operational decision-making is initiated by SEQOS. Configuring operational requirements and location attributes negates the necessity for staff supervision. 


Warehouse automation software is a type of software that helps manage and optimize the daily processes related to warehouse operations. It can monitor inventory levels, track shipments, plan routes, optimize warehouse layout, improve customer service, and streamline warehouse operations. The software also provides analytics and reporting so that warehouse managers can make data-driven decisions about their operations.

The SEQOS warehouse automation software can be incredibly beneficial to businesses, as it offers many advantages.
One primary benefit is that it can help streamline and optimise warehouse processes, resulting in increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and faster turnaround times on orders. Additionally, automation software can help reduce labour costs, as it can reduce the manual labour needed to manage a warehouse. Automation software can also help reduce the potential for errors and stock shortages, providing real-time tracking and updates of inventory levels. Lastly, warehouse automation software can improve customer service by providing faster order processing and delivery times.

1. Receiving and Putaway: Automating the process of receiving goods and materials and subsequent putaway into the warehouse can improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual labour.

2. Replenishment: Automating replenishment processes allows for faster inventory restocking and improved warehouse stock level accuracy.

3. Inventory Management: Automated inventory management systems can provide real-time visibility into warehouse inventory levels by tracking and recording stock movements.

4. Order Picking: Automated order-picking processes can improve accuracy and reduce the time it takes to pick orders.

5. Shipping and Fulfillment: Automating the shipping and fulfillment process can reduce the need for manual labour and minimize the time it takes to process orders.

6. Load Planning and Optimization: Automated load planning and optimization systems can improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to plan and optimize trailer, truck, and container loads.

Warehouse automation is essential because it helps to optimise processes, reduce costs, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. SEQOS WMS also helps companies meet customer demands for faster delivery times and improved customer service. Automated warehouses are designed to reduce labour costs, improve inventory accuracy, and increase efficiency. Automation also allows for more accurate inventory tracking, better warehouse space organisation, and improved customer service. Automation can also help to reduce the potential for human errors, which can lead to costly mistakes.

1. Training Requirements: SEQOS provides training to employees to make the transition smooth. The software is friendly and easy to use

2. Increased Complexity: SEQOS WMS simplifies processes providing a user-friendly system that analyses workload and boosts productivity.

3. Limited Flexibility: SEQOS WMS takes control of tasks and automates processes leading to a more effective warehouse management

4. Reduced Human Element: SEQOS WMS optimises human resources, which can increase customer satisfaction and other intangible benefits.

The SEQOS warehouse automation software streamlines warehouse operations, making it more efficient and effective by automating several tasks, including inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping and receiving, and more.

The automation software tracks and monitors inventory levels, ensuring that stock is always up-to-date and accurate. Automation also helps to reduce human error and improve accuracy in warehouse operations, resulting in fewer mistakes and potential losses.

SEQOS software can also automate the picking and packing process, allowing for faster fulfillment times and improved customer satisfaction. Finally, by automating mundane tasks, warehouse staff can be freed up to focus on more productive tasks, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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