Transport Management

Dock Management

Book timeslots at each dock for incoming receipts and outgoing despatches by order, supplier, customer, transport carrier.  Schedule recurring timeslot bookings. 

Carrier Selection

Automatically calculate the cost for sending an order with different carriers and despatch methods.  Automatically assign the fastest or cheapest, or allow staff to choose according to their requirements. 

Load Planning ​

Using item weights, package volumes, and dimensions for different types of vehicles, SEQOS calculates the number and types of vehicles in a fleet that are required for each route. 

Proof of Delivery – Sign On Glass

For warehouses that provide their own transport, drivers may view orders and packages in their delivery run.  Customers may sign on the driver’s device to confirm receiving their order. 

Point-to-Point Deliveries

SEQOS Transport Booking is not only for booking deliveries into the warehouse and pick-ups from the warehouse, but also for booking transport directly between supplier and customer. 

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