Returns Management Software

Returns management software, also known as reverse logistics, is an efficient solution that simplifies returning items and equipment from customers to the warehouse, and returning items and equipment from the warehouse to suppliers.

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Returns Management Software

SEQOS Returns Management Solutions

Returns management software, also known as reverse logistics, is an efficient solution that simplifies returning items and equipment from customers to the warehouse, and returning items and equipment from the warehouse to suppliers.

Product Recall

Every individual item of stock, including batch, lot, use-by date and other stock attributes, is tracked by SEQOS through all processes in the warehouse, and in each carton despatched to customers.  Product Recall is very easy as SEQOS shows the exact locations and customers for the recalled stock items. 

Customer Returns

SEQOS significantly simplifies the customer returns process which ultimately reduces processing costs. Individual items to customers are tracked, so the original Stock ID for the returned stock can be easily determined, and the attributes of that specific stock item can be automatically retrieved. 

Vendor Returns

Vendor Returns in SEQOS is also a simple process. The stock may be picked by the usual picking, despatch and transport functions, or the quantity manually adjusted.  

Return Pallets, Totes and Other Shippers

Pallets, totes, garment cages, IBCs and other shipper types all have a cost, so it is important not to lose track of them when despatched to customers.  The quantity of each shipper type, and the serial number for serialised shippers, are recorded with the despatch date from the warehouse and the customer they were sent to. When returned to the warehouse, the entered quantities are deducted from the customer’s account. 


Return management is the process of managing returned products or services from customers. It includes handling, inspecting, and disposing of returned items, providing customer service, and issuing refunds. Return management is essential to the overall customer experience, as it can help ensure customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

SEQOS designed the Return management software to simplify and streamline the returns process for businesses. It automates the process of tracking returns, creating returns labels, issuing refunds, and managing customer inquiries. It also allows businesses to track and analyze customer return behaviour and make more informed product design and customer service decisions.

1. Automated returns processing: Automating returns processing is becoming increasingly popular. This involves using software to capture and track returns data, which helps streamline the process.

2. Reverse logistics: Reverse logistics manages the return of goods from customers or other businesses. It involves tracking the return, checking the product’s condition, and managing the return of the item to the manufacturer or vendor.

3. Refunds and exchanges: Refunds and exchanges are a crucial part of returns management, as they help to ensure customer satisfaction. Includes processing customer requests for refunds or exchanges and handling any associated paperwork.

4. Restocking and repackaging: Restocking and repackaging returns is vital to ensure that returned items are in suitable condition for resale. The process involves cleaning, repackaging, and relabeling returned products.

5. Returns analytics: Returns analytics analyses data related to returns to identify trends and areas for improvement. It gives businesses an insight into managing their returns process better and maximising customer satisfaction.

1. Rethink – Strategically review current processes and policies, and consider how to improve them.

2. Reduce – Minimize the number of returns to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Reuse – Maximize the reuse of returned products to reduce waste.

4. Recycle – Incorporate recycling wherever possible.

5. Report – Track data to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

SEQOS returns management software helps to improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the returns process. It automates collecting information from customers, creating return labels, tracking returns, and issuing refunds. This helps make the process faster, easier, and more efficient for customers, allowing them to receive their refunds quickly and without hassle. Additionally, the software also helps reduce the amount of time and money spent on processing returns and minimize customer frustration.

The SEQOS WMS enhance your profit efforts in several ways:

– It can reduce the costs associated with processing returns since companies can track better, manage, and optimize their return processes.

– It can increase customer satisfaction since customers can more easily and quickly return unhappy items and receive timely replacements or refunds.

– It can lead to increased customer loyalty since customers with a good return experience will likely remain loyal to the company.
Returns management can also lead to improved inventory management since companies can track returned items more quickly and adjust their inventory levels to meet customer demand.

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