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JIT Inventory Management is the perfect choice for business owners looking to maximize space within their warehouse.

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JIT Inventory Management reduces stock at the warehouse by receiving from the supplier only as stock is needed, which provides many benefits.

  • Reduced financial investment in stock 
  • Reduced storage requirements 
  • Reduced labour to manage the stock 
  • Reduced chance of stock expiring 
  • Reduced obsolete stock at the end of a season 
  • Improved time to market 
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Reducing inventory levels are achieved by streamlining the supply chain. 

Streamlining by Triggering Events

Every event in the supply chain between supplier or manufacturer and customer can be automatically or manually triggered for action in SEQOS, eliminating avoidable processing delays.  Automatic triggered replenishment prevents picking stoppages.  Tasks are automatically assigned to available staff ensuring they are fully utilised. 

Cross Dock

Reducing inventory in the warehouse can be achieved by pushing back the pick-pack process to the supplier, of by fulfilling orders as stock is received without putting away the stock.

Good Warehouse Layout Minimises Stock Movements

SEQOS analyses product throughput to classify the products, typically ABC Inventory Classification, but can extend to any number of classifications. The fastest-moving products are automatically assigned pickfaces or locations near the despatch area reducing picking times, with the slowest-moving products located furthest from the despatch area. 


JIT inventory management is a revolutionary Warehouse Management software solution that helps to streamline the supply chain and reduce costs. By using the most modern technologies to forecast demand and anticipate customer needs, it ensures that businesses keep only the products that are needed when they’re needed.  
With its cutting-edge techniques, this software can significantly save on inventory levels and reduce business carrying costs by being alerted well in advance when a product needs to be replenished. 

For a successful Just-In-Time inventory management strategy, companies must ensure they have an intimate understanding of their production and sales processes.  
Building strong relationships with suppliers while establishing reliable transportation networks ensures that materials are delivered promptly to meet demand forecasted by powerful scheduling systems. By regularly evaluating the efficiency of these operations, companies can guarantee JIT is working as effectively as possible! 

SEQOS Warehouse Management Software is the ultimate solution for just-in-time (JIT) inventory management. With its advanced capabilities, this software makes it simple to closely track stock levels and accurately assess where materials should be allocated to meet customer demand. 
It features a powerful dashboard that offers real-time analytics so you can monitor min/max settings, anticipate ship dates and take proactive steps to ensure a smooth supply chain operation. 
Our software guarantees exceptional inventory accuracy and visibility, providing valuable information and warehouse operations data reports.

Some of the most important benefits are: 
Companies can easily maintain real-time inventory control. 
Our software helps business owners monitor stock levels and shift the focus from storing items to improving other areas in their business. 
Improve customer satisfaction resulting from shorter turnaround times between orders and delivery. 
A warehouse can save money through reduced transportation costs since they only have enough inventory to meet immediate customer demand. 

Some best practices for JIT inventory management include: 
Use real-time data to track inventory levels. With real-time data tracking, you can make sure your shelves are always stocked. SEQOS provides barcode scanners to stay up-to-date on the number of your goods and capitalize on sales opportunities at any given moment! 
Collaborate with suppliers. SEQOS provides recommendations on how you can cultivate strong relationships with suppliers. Our goal is to help you work with your suppliers to craft a system of regular shipments that can help minimize the need for emergency orders – helping your business stay ahead! 
Utilize forecasting tools. Stop playing the guessing game with your inventory – get ahead of future demand and strategically adjust accordingly. With SEQOS’s forecasting tools, you can accurately predict customer needs and avoid running out or overstocking products! 
Implement a safety stock policy: JIT inventory management helps companies optimize their stock levels to save costs, but it’s essential not to overlook safety stock – the extra items you keep in reserve for unexpected demand or supply chain issues. SEQOS software lets businesses calculate a safe and reliable level of safety stock tailored specifically for them based on lead times and order frequency so that they can minimize risk without sacrificing efficiency. 
Monitor and review your inventory management system regularly: Ensure the success of your inventory management system with SEQOS. This user-friendly platform helps you identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement through regular reviews, tracking key metrics such as lead time, fill rate and more!

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