Inventory Management


Automatically check received stock by scanning item barcodes against pre-loaded ASNs. 

Simplify receiving by scanning SSCC barcodes pre-loaded into SEQOS. 

Unload containers and palletize.  Ideal for bulk and overflow warehouses. 

Yard management for storing trailers and containers.  Record owner, registration, serial number, and other attributes


Configurable storage rules ensure products such as dangerous goods and frozen items are put-away into the correct locations, and suitable locations are suggested for pallets and awkward items. 

Quality Inspection

Pharmaceuticals and other manufactured items must be checked before they can be picked for orders.  An optional check-list may be configured which must be completed on-screen before items can pass inspection.  Anomalies may be photographed by the SEQOS app and automatically attached to the stock records. 


Any location or product may be configured with min/max and urgent replenishment levels.  Staff are directed to the oldest suitable stock that has not expired for replenishment. 

Order Picking

Optimised location picking paths lead the picker through the warehouse in the most efficient route.  Orders with picks from different location zones may be automatically split and assigned to different pickers in the different zones, then consolidated prior to despatch. 

Choose from multiple picking methods including wave pick, batch pick, bulk pick, single-item-multi-order pick, pick-by-label, pick-to-light.  Integrated with several robotics equipment. 


Automatically consolidate multiple orders for the same customer into a single delivery, and single connote, saving the unnecessary cost of additional connotes. 

Carrier labels are automatically printed as each order is completed.  Staff can immediately attach the labels to the packages.  Despatch documents automatically print, including delivery notes, commercial invoices for export, MSDS safety sheets, and others. 

Scan orders into totes, onto pallets, into containers, and/or onto trucks.  Visibility of every package at all times, which is particularly important for high-value stock or stock with restricted access. 

Customer Returns

Returns processing can be quite costly.  SEQOS streamlines this in a few steps using barcodes. Customers may also use the self-service web portal which saves more time for warehouse staff. 

Stocktake and Cycle Counting

Schedule partial stocktakes for aisles or ranges of locations throughout the year instead of closing the warehouse for a full stocktake.  Picking and other activities using hand-held scanners may continue since SEQOS automatically adjusts counted quantities according to time and sequence of operational activities, until the stocktake is completed. 

Audit Trail

All transactions are fully recorded with timestamps and staff, a crucial requirement for pharmaceuticals. 

The audit trail is useful for locating items for recall, and for tracking lost and found stock during stocktake and cycle counting. 

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