Exchanging timely, accurate, detailed information between supplier, warehouse, client, retail outlet, and transport companies is essential for businesses to remain competitive, and to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency. Success depends on the flow of complete and accurate information.

SEQOS WMS Integrations portfolio includes hundreds of different eBusiness, transport, and robotics systems operating in real-time or batch.

eCommerce and ERP Integrations

Connect hundreds of enterprise systems, eCommerce platforms, freight systems, and accounting software to SEQOS, and automatically transfer data seamlessly. 

Carrier Freight Integrations

As picking and packing is completed for each order, SEQOS automatically sends an electronic message directly to the applicable carrier company. 

Delivery labels and tracking details are returned to SEQOS electronically. SEQOS automatically prints the labels, and staff attach the labels to the order’s packages. 

The entire process completes within about one second, minimizing staff waiting time. 

Customers may use the SEQOS web portal to enquire on the status of their delivery. 

Robotics Integrations

SEQOS integrates directly with Dematic’s Multishuttle® and Geek+ Robots. Put-away confirmations and pick confirmations are returned from the controller to update the SEQOS data. 

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