Comply with governments' strict regulations for food storage and handling

Storage location zones can be configured for different types of products, such as frozen, refrigerated, and secure locations.  SEQOS ensures stock is always stored in its correct storage location zone. 

Monitor use-by and expiry dates

SEQOS prevents picking stock close to expiring within a numbers of days which is individually configurable by product.  When permitted, some stock within the same range of expiry dates may by mixed at locations for improved storage utilisation. 

Efficient Storage

Utilise available space efficiently by following the automatically suggested put-away location based on storage requirements, size of stock, throughput, and numerous other configurable attributes. 

Efficient Pick and Pack

Orders with picks from different location zones may be automatically split and assigned to different pickers in the different zones, then consolidated prior to despatch.  Choose from multiple picking methods including wave pick, batch pick, bulk pick, single-item-multi-order pick, pick-by-label, pick-to-light. 

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