Consumer Goods


To effectively manage consumer goods at the lowest price, the supply and demand needs to be balanced so that the warehouse (1) keeps low inventory levels, but (2) is able to deliver on demand to the retailer customer.  SEQOS can be effectively used to ensure that stock in the warehouse and in associated retail stores is never exhausted by using the SEQOS Product Throughput and Forecasting system combined with the SEQOS Lead-Time Table to co-ordinate (1) timely delivery of stock from suppliers to the warehouse, and (2) timely delivery to retailers. 

Eliminate or reduce supervisor management

The SEQOS Automated Task Queue automatically assigns the next task (putaway, replenishment, picking, packing, despatch) to the next available operator using a mobile hand-held device. 

Batch, Lot and Serial Tracking

Batches, lots, individual serial numbers, and other stock attributes are fully tracked from when the stock is received into the warehouse.  

Bill of Materials Kitting

Unlimited multiple levels of kitting may be configured using the SEQOS kitting module.  Batches, serial numbers, and other attributes are tracked at all levels. 

Perpetual Inventory and Periodic Stocktakes

Groups of locations may be scheduled for cycle counting, or full wall-to-wall stocktake.  Locations containing high-value merchandise may be configured for counting after several visits, for example, after 5 put-aways and picks, the operator is instructed to count and enter the remaining stock at the location, which is compared with the system quantity. 

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