Enter house bill and master bill data with invoice details and fees. 

Reduce data entry by linking purchase orders in SEQOS to house bills.  Order and item details with prices required by customs are automatically included in the data sent to customs. 

Bonded Warehouse

SEQOS accurately maintains quantities in bonded warehouse, separately from free circulation stock.  Data is sent to customs when export orders consume the stock in the bonded warehouse.  After local orders have consumed all free circulation stock, data is sent to customs when local orders consume stock from the bonded warehouse and duty is payable. 


Order and item details with prices are included in the data that SEQOS sends to transport companies that are selected for shipping the orders internationally. 

The commercial invoice is automatically printed when picking and packing the order is completed.  An electronic copy of the commercial invoice is also included in the data sent with transport company integration. 

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