Chemicals & Hazardous Goods

Safety first

The strict storage and handling requirements to satisfy safety standards for chemicals, petroleum, and other hazardous goods (often established by local law) are easily managed in SEQOS by entering the rules into product and location configuration tables. 

Track and Trace

Batch and lot number, expiry date, shelf life and other configurable attributes may be assigned to stock during receiving.  Product Recall is very easy as SEQOS shows the exact locations and customers for the recalled stock.

Quality Control

Quality control, quarantine, sampling, regrading and any other stock disposition are all configurable in SEQOS.  A full audit trail of all stock movement activities is readily produced. Items with specified dispositions are automatically prevented from picking. 

Report Stock by Unit Quantities and by Item Contents

Units per carton, cartons per pallet, litres, kilograms, and any other relationships between units of measure are individually configured for each product.

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