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Cryosite’s revenue increased from $5.9M to $12M within two years following SEQOS’s WMS implementation.

WMS healthcare

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Who’s the client?

Cryosite provides specialised logistics services for clinical trials, biological, cell and gene therapies, where precision and traceability are non-negotiable. Given the nature of the industry, any storage errors or misplacements could affect lives or result in cancelling a trial costing millions of dollars, so there is no room for error.

Cryosite Facility

What was the challenge?

Cryosite’s previous WMS system lacked the necessary features to meet their requirements, which included tracking software changes and recording clinical trials for previous orders.

This posed a significant risk to the entire operation, causing significant additional manual work.

In addition to that, the previous software did not have the flexibility to keep some customer and drug information private to comply with the logistical requirements for clinical trials.

This tracking was needed to help them maintain medical privacy and also to control the flow of information regarding drug trials using placebos in control groups.

Overall, Cryosite didn’t have the flexibility to optimise their processes through automation, as the system they used before SEQOS was incredibly manual and inefficient. This meant the warehouse was not able to reach its full potential.

How did SEQOS help?

The first task for SEQOS was assisting in creating a Design Specification Document explaining all the processes, and how SEQOS software will be configured for Cryosite’s needs. It was designed for each department separately so everyone could have the necessary details without being overwhelmed.

The next step was to migrate Cryosite from their previous system to SEQOS. This was a mammoth process as it included reconciling incorrect data from the previous system.

While this could have been a much simpler transition, the data’s integrity was sometimes compromised by the previous system’s failures (such as untracked changes and missing information). Still, SEQOS completed the job before the deadline.

Once the data was migrated, there was a period of parallel running with the previous system and SEQOS to verify everything was compliant before turning off the previous system permanently.


What was the outcome?


The implementation of SEQOS has been a resounding success for Cryosite, effectively addressing all the challenges the company encountered in the past and improving their whole operation beyond their expectations.

SEQOS has been a comprehensive solution that not only eradicated all errors, but it also significantly enhanced both warehouse productivity and employee satisfaction. Notably, during recent visits by a Cryosite director, it was observed that employees transitioned from working 8-10 hours a day to 5-7 hours, while order fulfilment increased by an impressive 250%.

“Since SEQOS was adopted, we have experienced zero errors in terms of product displacement” – Alicia Steel, CQO.

Since the implementation of the new system, Cryosite stopped misplacing inventory because all processes are now correctly tracked and recorded to comply with industry standards.

Orders lodged by mid-day are dispatched the same day – this is a lot faster than with other inventory software, where it can take up to three or four days to process an order.

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WMS healthcare
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