Apparel, Fashion, Footwear

Multi-Dimensional Stock Attributes

Style, colour, size, cup, fit, season, gender, country of origin, material composition, and others are readily accommodated in SEQOS. 

Manage Manufacturers

Since manufacturers “estimate” the amount of material needed for garment and footwear articles, the quantity of stock received into the warehouse can differ from the quantity originally ordered.  Distribution tables for the ordered quantities can be automatically revised by setting priorities to reapportion the total stock actually received. 

Eliminate Manufacturer Labelling Errors

Manually checking every item can be time-consuming.  The SEQOS Stock Receive function alleviates this task by scanning every individual item’s barcode to automatically check that the barcode matches the physical item. 


Packs for retail customers may be assembled at the warehouse with individual items using the configurable SEQOS Kitting function, or broken apart using the Dekitting function. 

Deliver On Time

The SEQOS Transport Lead-time table ensures orders are despatched in time for advertised sales.  Customers may use the secure web portal to view consignment details and transport companies’ tracking websites.

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