The SEQOS Warehouse Management Software system is truly a package. Every SEQOS-managed warehouse or store uses the same software, irrespective of the size of the warehouse operation and its staff.  

The SEQOS WMS package is individually tailored for each installation using system configuration parameters. 


Multiple companies with different operational requirements may operate from the same warehouse in shared storage locations or separate storage locations, ideal for 3PL warehouses. 


For companies that operate in multiple warehouses, stock may be replenished between warehouses. 

When inter-warehouse replenishment is not setup, orders requiring stock from different warehouses may be automatically split, picked, and despatch from the appropriate warehouse. 


Generate invoices and for automatically charging storage, freight, and operational activities including receiving, picking, packing, and returns. 

Setup lists of additional ad-hoc charges that are automatically prompted at the end of those activities.  For example, container unloading: number of hours, shrink-wrapping. 

Enter payments.  Integrate with popular accounting systems.  Generate Cash Receipts Report, Aged Debtors Report, Profit and Loss Report, Period End Report. 

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