SEQOS is the ideal system for 3rd Party Logistics providers that derive their income by providing services to other companies at the lowest possible cost.

Control Your Cost

3rd Party Logistics providers require outstanding reliability and high throughput in many different industries.  SEQOS labour forecasting and real-time dashboard are the tools for managers to reduce labour cost and increase productivity.  SEQOS automatically assigns tasks to available staff, eliminating staff supervision. 

Reduce space and labour by sharing resources

Diverse complex requirements of multiple clients within each warehouse facility are easily configured.  Easily-understood and intuitive SEQOS screens enable human resources to be easily shared across different clients within the warehouse.  

Eliminate crowding at your busy docks

SEQOS Dock Management function enables operators to readily book timeslots for incoming receipts and outgoing despatches by individual order number or by supplier and customer.

Let your customers see their stock and orders in real-time

Multiple warehouses are seamlessly integrated through SEQOS to provide real-time reporting for clients across their network of facilities.  Using the secure web portal, clients may view their stock and orders in real-time, or upload and maintain their orders. 

Bill your customers for your service

The success of a 3rd-party logistics operator is finally its ability to bill services to its customers. SEQOS client-configurable transaction-based charging, location-usage charging, and miscellaneous charging provide the mechanism for 3PLs to easily invoice their customers for all warehouse activities.

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